MechExcellence is founded and owned by Gert Plenge

With a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, Gert has gained more than 20 years experience in mechanical product development.

Through various positions within mechanical development at both Nokia Mobile Phones & Sonion (market leading sub-component supplier to the hearing aid industry), Gert has worked with both product development and strategical projects to improve work methods, templates and tools within mechanical product development in these companies. Gert has also participated and facilitated Product Development Process Renewals in both companies.

Gert also has a track record for project management of customer driven product development projects within Sonion, where he has successfully lead complex projects with high ambitions of time to market targets.

Gert has a vast network to draw from for specialized assignment.

Gert is certified “Rapid Learning Cycle” (RLC) facilitator. RLC is a framework combining elements from PhaseGate, Agile and Lean methods to form a strong LeanRD development method, supporting your company in developing the right products, at the right time and cost, for the benefit of your company and customers.

Gert has published a set of articles on LinkedIn -find them in the side menu or through his profile on LinkedIn


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