How do we work

In general, we are there for you!!

This means that we tailor our support to fit your needs best.

You can hire consultancy service from us in several ways:

  • Fixed assignment on a fixed price
  • Full time or part time assignments
  • Payment per the hour
  • Subscription based, either x amount or hours or “unlimited”

Below is a few examples on how this could be set up.

Current state analysis with proposals and support for improvements:

  1. Analysis of current state
    • Analysis of your current process portfolio.
    • Talks with your employees, stakeholders and maybe even customers and suppliers to identify areas for improvements.
  2. Proposal of improvement areas
    • Based on the analysis, we make a proposal for improvements. This can both be short and long term projects.
    • Together we agree on focus areas, plans and methods.
    • Areas can be descriped as workpackages that can be selected/deselected over time.
  3. Creation of workpackages
    • Creation/Improvements can be done as a cooperation with your employees, with more or less involvement from us, or by MechExcellence alone.
  4. Implementation
    •  We supports the implementation at the level desired by the company.
      • In general, it is important that the company host the implementation and MechExcellence will function as consultant/advisor.
    • MechExcellence can also offer the project management of the implementation project.
  5. Verification
    • An important element is to verify that the anticipated benefits have been harvested.
    • MechExcellence offer to participate in the evaluation.

The work can be agreed stepwise or as a full package from start.

It can be combined with a subscription agreement for consulting after the work has been completed.

Development of Drawing Quality

  • MechExcellence can review your current drawings, propose improvements and offer competence development, creation of standards etc.
  • MechExcellence can be hired on a subscription base to participate drawing reviews to ensure unambiguity and a continuous competence development

Sparring to Project & Team Leaders

  • Can be done as one-to-one, workshops, participation during meetings etc.
  • On a one time fee, or as a subscription with either X amount of hours or free allocation.

Creation of simple templates

  • MechExcellence can offer creation of simple easy to use templates for
    • First Article Inspection (Measuring/dimensional report)
    • Capability Analysis
    • Tolerance Calculations (RSS/WorstCase)
    • Manufacturability Checklists
    • Competence Development Assessments
    • Drawing Templates, Standards and Checklist
  • We develop the template based on your need.
  • If you do not find what you need in above list, contact us and we will work hard to find a solution that fits you.