Self assessment

To help you find out how well your mechanical execution (Project and Team management) is implemented, you can take our self assessment.


The self assessment is an excel questionnaire with 18 questions.

The result is a spiderweb diagram showing your current state compared to your desired state (selected by you) within these 5 areas:

  • Product Process
  • Mechanical Process
  • Execution
  • Quality
  • Knowledge gain


You can download the assessment here: Self assessment V4

The current version is 4.0, 2017-04-10

If you would like to know how MechExcellence can support in reaching your desired status, then send your results to us, using the below mail address.
We will then contact you to arrange a meeting where we can talk about this.

Send your questionnaire to

We will threat your results with strict confidentiality. We will not share them with 3rd parties. We will only use your results for our collaboration with you and for anonymized statistical purpose.